Make kids happy!

My Mini Moment supports and inspires mothers and fathers, families and friends, party animals and party poopers in planning, organizing, decorating and carrying out children’s parties.

My Mini Moment accompanies children, their families and friends personally and individually.

My Mini Moment creates special moments and memories.

Marie Wartmann - My Mini Moment

Make kids happy!

My name is Marie and I am the founder of My Mini Moment. I was born in Berlin and after a few stops in Sydney, Cologne and Vienna I finally arrived in Switzerland 10 years ago.
After completing my degree in International Business, I worked in several exciting jobs in economy and continued my education in business innovation.

In summer 2017 my son was born. For the special event of his 1st birthday, I threw a big party for our family and friends on the subject of “AHOI PIRAT”. The day should always remain in our memory and I spent months planning, organizing, and decorating what I felt was the most time-consuming of all. From the invitation to the giveaway, I ordered everything in different online shops, some with different designs. In the end, everything seemed a little mixed up and to this day I have decoration in the basement that I could not use completely, because each product was available in different and mostly high numbers.

In retrospect, I asked myself whether other mothers and families are also facing this challenge and how I can inspire and support them with my ideas and a great product. This gave me the idea for my new heart project: My Mini Moment.