Kid’s birthday parties made easy!
Kid's birthday parties made easy!

Kid’s birthday parties made easy!

The next kid’s birthday party is coming up? Still no idea for a theme, games, food and decoration? Then let us inspire you! With the party boxes from My Mini Moment, kid’s birthday parties will be made easy!

Kid’s birthday parties made easy!

Every year we all face the wonderful event of our child turning a year older. But let’s not fool ourselves! Throwing a kid’s birthday party is a challenge every year!

Do you know this too? You have to spend hours and hours browsing through web shops in vain to find a nice decoration. There’s nothing in the shops either. Nothing really fits together. The designs are overloaded. With the number of pieces, you already know how long you’ll be delighting the family with the pirate napkins at Sunday breakfast. Once you’ve come up with a nice decoration idea or a motto, you just can’t think of any suitable games. And actually, you’re not supposed to have sausages or spaghetti every year.

I, too, have learned every year how to make kid’s birthday parties even more beautiful and yet very simple. Personally, I’m not a big fan of merchandise! I have often experienced that the little heroes mainly inspire children to watch television. That’s exactly why merchandise exists 😉 But should the kid’s birthday party therefore be without fun and exciting theme worlds? That’s not possible either!

Party boxes from My Mini Moment – one design, many ideas and articles

The basic party boxes from My Mini Moment contain lots of great items for organising and decorating kid’s birthday parties! Invitations and envelopes for preparation. Placemats, plates, napkins, bottle banners, straws and name cards for the table decoration. Plus a pennant chain and cupcake toppers for sweet happiness. To ensure that it doesn’t get boring, there is also a game passport. You can use it for different game ideas. Of course, you will also get inspiration from us! Each party box contains a booklet with decoration, game and recipe ideas to match the theme. So that the little guests don’t just take home the many wonderful memories, there are also fillable give-away bags for each child. In the premium version, you also get balloons, wooden cutlery and the beautiful drinking bottles (guaranteed reusable).

No more headaches!

Say goodbye to the pre-party headaches and get straight down to business! With a little DIY skill, the contents of the party box can be put to use in 45 minutes. If you still have time and feel like it, use our inspirations in the booklet for your party games and culinary surprises.

Our party boxes are already available with 7 different themes! Each theme is individually developed and designed by us. Do you feel like making your next children’s birthday party so special, but so much easier?

Take a look and let yourself be inspired:

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